Piccolos & Flutes

Tina Craddock

Tina Craddock

Tina Craddock, Flute

Tina became a member of the band in September 2013 after taking up the flute as an adult in around 2009. She was forced to play cello in the school orchestra but hated having to lug it around on a school bus! She still adores the sound of the cello now but prefers the flute. As well as these instruments, Tina has also played side drum in the Scout marching band at school.

She says her favourite piece of music at band is a selection of highlights from Les Misérables.

Outside of the band, Tina is a lecturer at Leeds City College and once had the task of studying stress levels in trout.

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Aimée Smales, Flute

Aimée plays flute for the band at some concerts, having played for the band in the past.

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